To mark the start of the spring semester, the Global Service Center of the Office of International Affairs is planning a pizza party during lunchtime on Monday, March 25th under the name ‘2024 Spring Beginning of Semester Party.’

Foreign students as well as college (department) heads, department chairs, and professors who teach courses taken by many foreign students are also scheduled to participate. We hope that you will participate as this is an event designed to serve as a venue for communication at the college (faculty) level with foreign faculty and students.

1. Event name : 2024 Spring Beginning of Semester Party

2. Date : Monday, March 25, 2024, 12:00 – 13:00

3. Place : SK Future Hall 3rd floor Hana Plaza (outdoor) or 

           SK Future Hall In Jae-rim (1st floor lobby)

 * Final decision will be made considering weather conditions

4. Attendees : Foreign students and faculty affiliated with our school, college (department) deans, academic affairs committee members, department heads, and faculty members.

5. Expected attendance : approximately 400 people

6. Inquiry : School of Interdisciplinary Studies administrative office (02-3290-1416)