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Evelopment Fund

Globalization, a vague slogan created for the introduction of internationalization and informatization in the 20th century, has become a clear and crucial concept in today’s society which revolves around an open education market and intense competition among universities around the world. If a school fails in this international competition, its existence will be threatened, and the country will also lose its competitiveness, making it difficult to join the ranks of advanced countries.

Improving the international status of a university in a world where science, technology, economics, and culture are closely connected and entering the ranks of the world’s top 100 universities while overcoming challenges at home and abroad are impossible to achieve without commitment. Above all, it is clear that these goals cannot be achieved without financial support.

Therefore, securing educational funds can be said to be the key to achieving these goals. However, the Korea University Foundation has limited funding and increasing tuition is not enough to supplement it. The contribution of alumni, companies, and the general public to the university development fund is common and institutionalized in many developed countries, and universities there use such a fund to cover a large part of their financial operations. At Korea University, the Office of Development and External Affairs is responsible for university development fund raising.

Your precious contribution will become a driving force in helping Korea University grow into a world-class university. We ask for your active support and participation in encouraging the development of Korea University from a national university into one of the world’s top 100 universities. 


Donation Related Information

Department in charge: The Office of Development and External Affairs
Tel: 02-3290-1241

How to Donate to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies

When donating or making donation arrangements, if you write “designated development fund for the School of Interdisciplinary Studies” in the use of donation column, the full amount of your contribution will be used as the development fund for the School of Interdisciplinary Studies.