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About the School of Interdisciplinary Studies – Message from the Dean



“In the name of KU College of Law!”


Korea University's School of Interdisciplinary Studies is an undergraduate department that inherited Korea University's College of Law.

It has been more than a decade since the name was changed to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, but having inherited the College of Law, it has led Korea University since 1905 actually heading towards 120 years of history.

Of course, it is also meaningful that the faculty of the College of Law is in charge of the education of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, and also that our faculty is in charge of deciding on large and small decisions. However, the fact that students, employees, and professors all feel the School of Interdisciplinary Studies as one body walking together under the name of "KU Law School" along with Korea University's Graduate School of Law (Law School) is paramount.

More than a decade ago, all universities that accepted the law school system had to abolish law schools. Among the changes, many schools have newly established undergradute depatments under the name of "free major" or similar. However, Korea University's School of Interdisciplinary Studies is the only place in the country that has a firm partnership with law schools as well as the name and reality of law schools in the past.

We will not have to emphasize that Korea's oldest law education institution, KU College of Law, has produced overwhelming quantities and quality of talents that cannot be compared to any other department. Not only in legal professions, but also many seniors of Law School are leading the political, business, and academic area which is  our source of pride and a background of confidence that our future alumni will be able to inherit such roles.

Korea University's School of Interdisciplinary Studies does not settle for this brilliant history. With students and professors at the center, Korea University now has an overwhelming number of graduates enrolled in law schools nationwide compared to other universities. [College with successful applicants in 2021: Korea University 419 students, Seoul National University 358 students, Yonsei University 311 students] Not only in legal professions, but also other graduates who have entered major public institutions and leading companies, are showing superior abilities in each sector. The unique advantage of the "free major" undergraduate program, which allows students to freely choose their major after experiencing academic activities in various fields on their own, is helping them grow mature through various activities of enrolled students and graduates.

This is Korea University's Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, a place that allows you to hope for a "flexible future" above "sturdy history."

We sincerely welcome all of you who have entered the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and are dreaming of entering this place in the future.



2021. 9. 1.

Professor Hong Young-Gi, dean of Korea University's School of Interdisciplinary Studies