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Department Introduction & History

  The School of Interdisciplinary studies conducts the Convergence Major 'Public Governance and Leadership' which is applied to students starting from the 1st year. By enrolling in this process, students are able to obtain diverse intellect regarding their major from basic social science virtues such as Law, Public Administration, Economics and different convergence subjects. 

Through this process, one is able to venture one's potential for 1 year and follow his or her aptitude and vocation plans by selecting one 1st major from 23 Social Science Majors or Computer Major. The range of choice for SIS students will be enlarged every year. 

By learning common elective and core elective subjects from diverse sectors, one could obtain interconnected social science knowledge while concentrating on his or her selected 1st major and convergence major subjects for in-depth studying. 

Convergence major knowledge is most needed to cultivate the challenging and creative virtues needed in this vigorous world, and the Korea University School of Interdisciplinary Studies will be the most fit educational environment for youth ready to venture this world. 

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies is providing the foundation for students reaching out for futher education at Law School, Bachelors at college, studying for different national exams, studying abroad, and employed at successful companies. Korea University Law School professors will be your faithful mentor and advisor, leading lectures and student management.

The concept of Interdisciplinary Studies

Modern society has high expectations for professionals to have expertise in disciplines that correspond to complex and diverse social phenomenons. The School of Interdisciplinary Studies, established in response to this demand, invites students to undertake “multidisciplinary studies” where they design their own major by choosing courses that correspond to their interests.

Students in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, especially those intent on becoming a public leader, are guided to choose and design their courses based on individual aptitude and career paths. Prior to graduation, the school provides them with fundamental knowledge in law, which is essential for public leaders.

Concept of Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Major in Public Governance and Leadership

The interdisciplinary major in public governance and leadership cultivates the needed virtues to become a leader in the public sector. The curriculum thoroughly prepares students by offering various opportunities to grow as successful public sector leaders. 

The most common method is through a state examination, where students from Korea University have performed well every year from the national bar exam, higher civil service examination, to diplomatic service examination.

Although the College of Law which played a key interpart of the bar exam has been abolished, the accumulated knowledge and expertise are being utilized in the new interdisciplinary major of public governance and leadership.

The interdisciplinary major in public governance and leadership additionally provides several programs to support students in their future careers in various fields, including civil service.


Students complete the interdisciplinary major of Public governance and Leadership (designed major) comprising basic courses in law, administration and economics while concurrently fulfilling the requirements of their primary major.

Students in their first-year enroll in the interdisciplinary major program and acquire basic legal knowledge. Students in their second or subsequent year select one department from among the 23 departments in the humanities and social sciences (excluding the College of Education) as their selected major and complete the additional requirements.

Students admitted to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies must complete the requirements for the interdisciplinary major in addition to their primary major. Upon fulfilling the requisite graduation requirements, students are conferred a bachelor’s degree in both their primary major and interdisciplinary major of Public governance and Leadership.

Student Classification and Major

Student Classification and Major
Classification Department Major
First year School of Interdisciplinary Studies Interdisciplinary major of Public Governance and Leadership + General Education (Required, Core)
Second and subsequent years Department of OO, School of Interdisciplinary Studies Interdisciplinary major of Public Governance and Leadership + Primary major