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Position Name Major/Year Company/Position Remarks
President Cha, Byungjik Law/77 Hankyul Law Group/ Lawyer 25th Bar Exam
Vice President Chi, Cheolho Public Administration/80 Fair Trade Commission / Permanent Member 29th Public Exam
Vice President Cho, Heejin Law/81 Supreme Prosecutors’ Office / Prosecutor 29th Bar Exam
Vice President Oh, Chunghan Business Administration/82 Grant Thornton International Ltd. / Executive Director, CPA  
Vice President Shin, Dong-gu Statistics/82 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance / Executive Director  
Advisor Kim, Mun-woong Business Administration/61 Finworld Trading / CEO  
Auditor Son, Sang-dae Law/76 Korea M&A Consulting Association / President  
Auditor Lee, Sang-ryul English Language and Literature/96 Suwon District Court Ansan Branch / Judge 47th Bar Exam
Director Kim, Minjee Journalism/02 Kim & Chang / Lawyer 2nd Law School graduate
Director Kim, Yoon-kwan Public Administration/00 Kia Motors / In-house Lawyer 1st Law School graduate
Director Kim, Sang-sun Economics/03 Ministry of Knowledge Economy / Deputy Director 52nd Public Exam
Director Im, Jong-pil Public Administration/03 Ministry of Gender and Feminism/ Deputy Director 53rd Public Exam
Director Lee, Su-hwa English Language and Literature/04 Hwang Mok Park P.C./ Lawyer 1st Law School graduate
Director Hong, Ja-eun Political Science and International Relations/04 Ministry of the Interior / Deputy Director 53rd Public Exam
Director Choi, Ye-ji Public Administration/05 Ministry of Health and Welfare / Deputy Director 54th Public Exam
Kim, Song-a Political Science and International Relations/05 Samsung Electronics / In-house Lawyer 1st Law School graduate