The official academic status change period for fall semester is from August 1st to August 25th, 2023. However, in order to improve the inconvenience of foreigners issuing visas, and students entering the military before the official changing period, university has allowed them to apply for the change of academic status in advance at portal during the period below. 

1. Application date: 2023.06.22 10:00 ~ 07.31 17:00

2. How to Apply: Portal -> [Registration/Graduation] -> [Absence/Return Application]

- Only foreigners and students joining military can apply for the period above.

All students (including foreign students) can apply for the changes from August 1st to August 25th. 

3. Required Document

1) Foreign Student: copy of passport

2) Students entering military in July: Notice of enlistment

4. The changes will be applied on March 1st / September 1st.