On November 15, 2021, the "Public Governance and Leadership Seminar for the 2nd Semester of the 2021 KUSIS" was held.

- Date: November 15th, 2021 (Mon) 18:30-20:30pm.
- Location: New Law Building 501, offline.
- Invitational greeting.
· Lawyer Park Kyungsun.
· Prosecutor Lee Gahee.

- Topic: Undergraduate life, work life, entrance exam career, counseling, and others.

This seminar was hosted/hosted by the 13th Student Association of KUSIS and cooperated with KUSIS of Korea University.
It was conducted in a comfortable atmosphere with legal professionals from Korea University's Department of Free Science and Technology through free questions such as study, career, entrance examination, and concerns, and a total of 99 students attended.