The 12th Mentoring Day was held on November 13 (Sat) by the student ambassador 'Jaeum' of KUSIS. 

- Purpose: It is a program that introduces high school students to KUSIS, and was conducted online through ZOOM due to COVID-19.

- Event schedule
· Recruitment of applicants for mentoring day by 24:00 on October 31 (Sunday) (Announcement of selected students through e-mail)
· Announcement of students selected for mentoring day from November 5th (Fri) to 9th (Tue) including information on events.
· Mentoring Day Main Event will be held on November 13th (Sat) 13:00-17:35

- Details.
· 13:00~13:30 Exploration of KU Life (Divided into KU / KUSIS)
· 13:35-14:15 Ice breaking
· 14:20~14:45 Campus Tour Video Screening
· 14:50-15:35 Overall mentoring (examination, curriculum)
· 15:40~16:30 Group mentoring.
· 16:35~17:35 Conversation with Professor Hong Youngki.

- Participants: 11 general high school students, 9 special and autonomous private high school students, and 11 consonant members =

· It was conducted online using ZOOM and high school students all over the country attended, including Seoul, Gyeongbuk, Chungnam, and Jeju.