I'm guiding you a professor's scholarship for the first semester of 2021, so please apply actively for the freshmen.

1. Eligibility requirements
- Students from School of Interdisciplinary Studies who entered the school year 2021 (priority selection of applicants for national scholarships)

2. Selected people: 3 people

3. Scholarship amount: KRW 1,500,000
- Double beneficiaries within the scope of tuition fees (If there is an urgent reason for payment as a result of evaluation, tuition fees can be exceeded)

4. Application period: May 6 (Thursday) to May 12 (Wednesday) (If there are fewer applicants, the schedule can be adjusted)

5. How to apply: Visit the administrative office of the Department of SIS or submit an e-mail (sis@korea.ac.kr

6. Selection criteria: Comprehensive judgment on the amount of income, reasons for application, etc.

7. Others
- Individual notifications shall be given to the selectors, and applications shall not be disclosed.
- Scholarship will be deposited in early June.