The 11th Mentoring Day was held on May 15 (Saturday) by the Student Ambassador 'JAUM' of SIS.

- Purpose: It is a program that introduces high school students to the liberal arts department of Korea University.
We proceeded online through ZOOM due to Covid-19.

- Event Schedule
· Recruitment of mentoring day applicants by 18:00 on May 2nd (Sun) (Announce selected students through email)
· Announcement and event guidance for selected students on mentoring day from May 7th (Friday) to 11th (Tuesday)
· May 15 (Saturday) 13:00–17:35 Mentoring Day was held for the main event

- Detailed Progress
· 13:00–13:30 Korea University's life exploration (Korea University, SIS)
· 13:35–14:15 Ice Breaking
· 14:20-14:45 Cyber Campus Tour
· 14:50–15:35 Group Mentoring (admission exam, curriculum)
· 15:40–16:30 Minority Mentoring

· 16:35–17:35 Conversation with professor 

- Participants: 10 students from general high schools, 5 students from special purpose high schools and private high schools, and 9 mentors of SIS 

· High school students from all over the country, including Seoul, North Gyeongsang Province, South Chungcheong Province, and Jeju Island, participated online using ZOOM.