On May 20th, 2021, 'The 1st Joint Academic Festival of SIS' was held.

- Schedule:
· 2021.04.28(Wed) to 05.02(Sun): Recruitment of participants
· 2021.05.03 (Monday): Four teams selected
· 2021.05.03 (Monday) to 05.19 (Wednesday): Preparing for a mock court scenario
· 2021.05.20 (Thursday) 19:00~22:00: Holding a joint Academic Festival (mimic court)

- Mentor: Lee Ji-eun, a special professor at Korea University's Law School.

This seminar was hosted by the 13th Student Council of SIS, and held a mock court-style academic festival centered on five law-related societies in the SIS to exchange and unite students.

A total of 36 students, including 24 participants, 7 assistants and 5 observers, participated in the academic festival.